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About Us


The Choice of India (Unit of Prkh enterprises Pvt. Ltd.) is a company under Narula Group started in 2014 with a target to be a role model in the sector of Hospitality to enhance your Business. Our objective is to give end to end services to our Members and Hotel and to provide loyalty membership management services in order to increase the footfalls in for the Hotels.


about us


Like a challenger we are always eager to grab the opportunity for a successful business. This group was started in 1975 & since then we are constantly moving ahead with multiple business.

The company has demonstrated its value as a successful partner for the management of a variety of clients.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will attend to every detail of our program to ensure its success.

We are ensuring the highest levels of quality and service to guests, while providing an ever increasing profitability, facilitating growth of both the hotels and the clients.

Competition is tough and we are constantly on a mission to hold onto existing customers/clients and welcoming new ones.