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Kushagra is an established name in the Academic sector & Information Technologies since 2007. We have Play School, Coaching Centre for Higher Education, and Educational Programmes that are Affiliated with Govt. of NCT of Delhi. After the success of Kushagra we can proudly say that we are associated with academic sector to not only provide education to the children's but to give a bright future to our nation.




Kushagra play school is about keeping alive. It is about helping them make sense of their world by exploring and discovering. We understand that each child has a special intelligence, a chosen method of play. Our job is to explore them in in order to help your child discover their unique talent.


Report of children is made and parents teachers association is done frequently to ensure that child’s interest and talent are nurtured efficiently. Our student and teacher ratio is 13:1 that reflects that a proper attention has been paid on an individual child.


We strongly believe each child is special in some or other way, so we allow them to discover their own talents, and get an opportunity to develop them to the fullest. Our vision is to create leaders of thought and visionary world citizen who will work for peace and unity of the world.


A class cannot be limited to the four walls of the room. It has to be beyond it. This is why everything under the sun is the curriculum at Kushagra Play School. We strive to bring the outside world inside the classroom as much as possible, by creating an atmosphere of learning.






  • To help children dream and equip them with an independent thinking mind to make those dreams come true.
  • To light the fire to strive for excellence and become lifelong self- learners.
  • To develop a scientist’s mind ,a sportsman’s body, an artist’s eye and a pilgrim’s soul.
  • To create world citizens with strong native roots.